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i'm a dozen items short of making a spideypool bingo, but i just gotta vent.
- wade calls peter 'baby boy' (that got stale real fast)
- wade calls peter 'petey'. why doesn't anyone ever call wade 'wadey'?
- nate is the abusive ex-boyfriend
- wade is obsessed with peter's ass
- wade's boxes are obsessed with peter's ass, too
- peter's friends are nowhere to be seen
- peter blushes all the fucking time
- wade hits on peter all the fucking time
- peter's girlfriends are conveniently nonexistent
- wade is clingy and grabby
- peter's mind says 'no', but his dick says 'yes'
- peter is underage/barely legal
- peter is totes on board with wade killing people for a living
- aunt may's supportive of their relationship
- fucking superfamily everywhere

this will probably be updated.
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about deadpool: the circle chase #2

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this is another post dedicated to wade wilson's deliciously tight buns. bonus: deadpool's unique perspective on human relationships under the cut.

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about web of spider-man #67

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harry's memory had been long repressed by medication and psychotherapy sessions, but now it's slowly coming back, and along with it comes his father's terrible legacy. he picks up his old green goblin costume, striving to become a hero and vindicate norman osborn's name. of course, spidey has to give his oldest friend a talk. scratch that, he gives harry a licking along with a taste of what's it really like to be a hero. way to be both a caring friend and a hypocrite, peter.

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about web of spider-man #71 - unrelated to the plot

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thank you, shitty print, for giving all the white characters severe cases of acne.

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found myself reading a second billdip fanfic in a row. i don't really where does such a pairing even come from, i mean, a boy and a malign dorito triangle-shaped demon? how is that supposed to work? but, well, after rewatching the show for the third time (at least i think it was the third time), i just didn't feel like letting go of the characters and the story just yet. so there's that.
as for the fic itself, it started out pretty boring and agonizingly slow paced, but it gained momentum somewhere around chapter 10. it suffers somewhat from overused cliches like 'his eyes flashed dangerously' and repeating the word 'demon' for like five times in a single sentence when bill's around, but mabel calls dipper 'broski' sometimes, and that's adorable!

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about daredevil \ deadpool annual '97 again

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about daredevil \ deadpool annual '97

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words 'friend' and 'punching bag' are interchangeable to deadpool.

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Now, I'm not racist, but the blacks are getting about as shifty as the Jews.


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Рожать надо прямо в борщ!

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about spectacular spidey #162

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another sweet robbie & jonah moment. suck it, firehart! you can't buy a friendship like this.
still, the daily bugle just doesn't feel the same without jonah and robbie. i hope jjj gets his paper back soon.

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about spidey #339

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you wouldn't believe it too.

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about spidey #333

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venom might be a creep and a stalker, but i kind of like his sense of humour.

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about web of spider-man #54

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peter has the best motivation there is. and yes, he went back to college, hooray!

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about web of spider-man #52

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i wish jonah had his own book.

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about web of spider-man #51 again

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meanwhile, jolly jonah is kept prisoner in his own apartment by the chameleon. this crook's impersonating him for his own nefarious purposes, and he claims that he's 'more jonah jameson than jonah jameson himself'.
jonah os not the easiest man to break, but this must be really rough on him.

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about web of spider-man #51

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about web of spider-man #50

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prepare for the shock of the century! spidey steals a bunch of stuff from a fella named winston walker. everyone's confused. spidey's loyal little fanclub (i. e. prowler, rocket racer, will-o'-the-wisp and puma) decide that they should bring their corrupted hero in themselves.
but then, a not so sudden twist is revealed.

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about spidey #307-309

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these issues add to the many reasons why i love mary-jane.
she gets kidnapped by a really nasty, entitled character, jonathan caesar, who's been obsessed with her for a long time. he arranged it so that pete and mj would move into an apartment building that belonged to him in order to get close and strike when least expected.
mj spends a few days locked up in a reinforced room in that same building, with caesar sharing his plans to marry her (even though she she's already married to peter, yeah) and keep her there for as long as he pleases. meanwhile, peter's searching for her all over the city, webbing up and putting scare on various shady types who he thinks might be connected to the kidnapping, but nobody knows anything.
mj attempts to escape several times, unsuccessfully so, until she finally manages to fool caesar and knock him out. then she electrocutes his two hired goons with the aid of a puddle of water on the floor and a broken lamp, steals one of their guns and saves peter's bacon by scaring away styx and stones, another pair of hired goons, who were about to finish him off.
i suck at telling stories, really, but what she did was BADASS, and she handled this difficult situation perfectly. not that caesar would just leave her alone, of course. even in prison he manages to mess with her, evicting herself and her husband from their apartment with no way to get their money back and using his money and connections to ensure that mj doesn't get any modeling gigs, but this is mj. she's strong and she's going to handle this.

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about web of spider-man #48

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i made a bad decision and paid a price? gee, it must be spider-man's fault! welcome to the club, buddy. the sleazebag club.

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