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Увиденного не развидеть

Наслаждайтесь. Мы сегодня, как увидели это, впали в неконтролируемое состояние неверия, что такое можно изобразить без задней мысли. Самое невинное, что может прийти в голову: килограммовую пачку сливочного масла со скоростью звука не удалось сунуть в паучью задницу.

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about cable & deadpool #30-35

a monkey stole my juicebox
i read this fic, and i might've just as well stabbed myself, really. fuck.

'“I thought you knew that I was in on it,” Wade said, his voice cracking slightly. His eyes were glistening and he quickly turned away, looking back out over New York, the thousands of windows and cars and streetlights making the city glitter brightly beneath the darkened, starless sky.
“I mean, c'mon,” he continued bitterly as he moved his gaze down to the cars and people far below, “the video feed that caught me on camera before I blew up the reactor on Providence—I stuck my tongue out at the camera and showed my New York State I.D. card so that everyone would know it was me and that I was working for the United States government—do you honestly think I would have done that otherwise?!”'

i love how unusually open and honest wade is in #35, and i understand how hurt he must feel after what his best friend (or so he thought) did to him. congratulations on another relationship you managed to fuck up, nate.

a long rant and a lot of panels from comic book under the cut, so spoiler alert.

what i really want is for nate to feel guilty and ashamed for what he did. he never even formally apologized for this stunt, unless you count what happened in #42 as their reconciliation, of course.

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about x-men'91 #206

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about new x-men #45

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rahne is reverend's daughter, all right. i love this girl.

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about cable'08 #4

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this is beautiful.

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about x-force'91 #91 again

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terry got her throat sliced open by feral last ish and lost her voice, possibly forever, as a consequence. now she's dazed and confused, not sure where she belongs without her powers, she just wanders around san fran aimlessly, reminiscing her past and her history with the team. oh, and later in the ish we get to know her dad's perspective, too.
i have to say, feral is a huge asshole, and with the way she owns it and accepts it, i can't help liking her, even though one of my favorite x-force characters is suffering because of her so much. i mean, i'd clock her one if i met her personally, sure, but i'd like to see more of her as a character.

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about x-force'91 #91

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i cannot control my EXPOSITION POWERS

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about x-force'91 #90

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why is dani suddenly in charge? i thought domino was their second in command after syrin.

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argonauticae: Я тут собираю в кучу пару-тройку шотландских народных песен - так получилось, что я этим занимаюсь - и мне в самом деле любопытно: кто-нибудь в моей стране хоть когда-нибудь был безоговорочно счастлив?
Традиционные шотландские музыкальные жанры:
Все, кого я люблю, мертвы;
англичане угнали всех моих овец;
хочешь быть моим парнем? - разгадай сперва три мои загадки;
протестанты угнали всех моих овец;
я очень тебя люблю, но ты оставил меня и идёт дождь (соло на скрипке);
море вероломно, в точности как англичане;
как-то раз Красавчик принц Чарли врезал мне по лицу и это было круто;
фэйри угнали всех моих овец.

plaidadder: В придачу существуют, конечно, традиционные ирландские жанры:
Все, кого я люблю, - аллегорическое воплощение Ирландии;
англичане украли мою ферму и пригнали туда овец;
ты был моим парнем, а теперь даже не подойдешь к окошку, чтобы взглянуть на меня и наше мертвое дитя (под дождем);
хак-фол-ту-ла-ру ампти-тидли хорошо они больше не слушают, давайте поговорим о восстании;
что-то на ирландском, должно быть про фейри, но может и про корову.

sredsandpatches: и не забывайте старое, но всегда уместное "шахта обрушилась и все умерли".
Думаю, кому-то стоит сказать пару слов и об английской народной песне:
Я встретил девушку, и мы пошли на охоту (это был эвфемизм для секса);
я встретил девушку, и мы поймали пару птичек (это был эвфемизм для секса);
я встретил девушку, и мы нашли её заблудившуюся зверюшку (это был эвфемизм для секса);
я встретил девушку возле дома её родителей, и она постелила мне постель (это был особенно изящный эвфемизм для секса);
я девушка, и я сожалею,что участвовала в эвфемзмах для секса, потому что теперь я беременна;
я встретил девушку и подкупом склонил её к сексу, но она угнала мою лошадь и смылась на ней верхом;
на постоялом дворе я встретил девушку, и у нас был секс без всяких эвфемзмов, но на следующее утро она смылась с моим пожитками, а у меня теперь сифилис;
твой жених помер не то у Трафальгара, не то при Ватерлоо, давай поженимся? Как хорошо, что ты сказала нет, ведь я же он и есть;
вербовщики уволокли каждого важного мужчину в моей жизни (и теперь они все мертвы);
фермеры - соль земли, и они никогда не бывают безнадёжно бедными;
попрошайка - это совершенно приемлемая карьера с гибким графиком и неограниченным доступом к алкоголю.

via nothern-wind отсюда

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about cable & deadpool #32

a monkey stole my juicebox

about cable & deadpool #31

a monkey stole my juicebox
god, i love this guy!

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about cable & deadpool #30

a monkey stole my juicebox
i just need this pic to be here :D oh, and this is the exact issue where a schism between nate and wade fisrt appears. this is making me so sad.

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about cable & deadpool #29 again

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say whatever you want, but sometimes wade is acting like a puppy around nate.

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about cable & deadpool #29

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nate, you sly dog.

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about cable & deadpool #28

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about cable & deadpool #23 again

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nate's considerate for a change.

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about cable & deadpool #23

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wade hilariously panics every time he says or does something that may or may not be considered queer. why is that so cute?

i'll make a selection of his little freakouts someday.

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about cable & deadpool #15-18

a monkey stole my juicebox
these issues are truly a wild, fun ride. first, wade's brainwashed by black box into thinking that nate's the greatest threat to mankind, so he bodyslides to providence only to find that nate's sacrificed himself again (he does that every other tuesday, so nobody's really surprised, and nobody really believes he's dead for good anymore).
so a party of wade, terry and sam go on a journey across worlds to get nate back, with wade and his whole weird conjoined situation with cable as their beacon. there's a lot of wacky science and technobabble involved, they could've asked for doctor strange's help instead of forge's, and results would've been the same, i think. anyway, they bump into cable as apocalypse's fourth horseman, war, who killed millions (scary!), and into cable who turned the whole world into a nursery with him as a kindergartner (which is somehow even scarier), and into techno organic tentacle monster cable who swallowed all organic life on the planet (kinky!). the weirdest thing is, they are not wade's cable, but they are nonetheless part of him.
and, finally, they bump into an unbearably cute baby nate with mr. sinister as his caretaker. and when i say cute, i mean it. i fucking hate children, but even i wanted to hug that tiny thing close and take it somewhere nice and safe, which wade did.

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about cable & deadpool #14

a monkey stole my juicebox
wade killed a resident of providence, a former terrorist haji bin barat, and the thing is, he can't even remember how did that happen or why he did it. nate is, of course, very disappointed and is forced to kick wade's brain-addled ass off the island.
you can tell how upset wade is by this situation when he seeks black box's services.

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about cable & deadpool #9-10

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wade will deny it and poke fun at nate and his ideas at every opportunity, but he really believes cable's doing the right thing.

but then, wade believed that kruch's idea to turn everyone blue was a good one, too.

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