about cable'93 #62 again

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nate's in captivity, being experimented on and probably dying, and irene and bridge... go to jolly jonah to expose the hell kitchen fire cover-up. wow. real helpful, guys. ironically, nate's been already set free by an agent who caught him in the first place.
i know this is probably the best they could do, but still. hahaha.

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about cable'93 #60-62

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a bunch of d-bags from s.h.i.e.l.d. collared nate, setting a good portion of hell's kitchen aflame in the process. turns out, they were mostly interested in nate's technoorganics as opposed to the supposed acts of terrorism he'd committed, and the whole extracting operation's been kept secret from the higher-ups, including nick fury himself.
nate's techno-organic virus was introduced to said d-bags' pet project, nemesis robots; the results were unexpected, to say the least.

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'It always amuses me when I’m talking about Cable and someone makes a comment about him being kinda shit and I agree with them and it totally bewilders them. Yes, Cable is absolutely my favourite superhero. He has a strong sense of goodness about him, and he works his damned hardest for what is best even in impossible situations, he’s kindhearted and definitely a goofball despite his stoic exterior. But he is absolutely shit and I know it. With his over the top outfits covered in utility pouches and massive guns that may or may not be compensating for something and the genuinely awful dialogue that comes out of his mouth (if I ever have the misfortune to actually hear the phrase “stab his eyes” uttered aloud I may just scream) and the abundance of generally shitty artwork he is by far not at all the shining pinnacle of comic books. But fuck, I love him. I love Cable and every last goddamn ounce of his tacky weirdness. I am fully aware of how awful he is and I embrace the shit and I just love him so much. He’s such an entertaining character and he’s damn hot and a shitty C-List actor is absolutely the best pick for him in Deadpool 2. Being kinda shit is one of Cable’s best traits. It makes him super relatable because I know that I too use weird ass phrases and wear ridiculous over the top outfits and am super awkward. He’s my hero' x

this ^
i can confirm. cable as a character is silly, overdramatic and over the top, but i love him anyway.

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about uncanny avengers'15 #10 again

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haha, why didn't i post this panel the first time around? :D

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Don't Breathe
a horror movie starring stephen lang? i gotta see this.


about x-force'91 #82

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introducing cuddly domino! and i still don't get why'd they 'gone their separate ways' with cable.

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about cable'93 #55

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irene merryweather made her first appearance a few issues back <3
and nate's like, 'i'm tall, dark and handsome, and also mysterious. did i mention the 'handsome' part yet? oh, and i can take down crowds of enemies all by myself, no sweat, i eat impossible odds for breakfast', and irene's like, 'i can see right through your bullshit, but you're really hot, plus i need a new job anyway, so let's go kill this apocalypse guy'.

old cable comics are so ridiculous, but i love them anyway.

okay, what was that about? her problems aren't nate's fault this time around, why snap at him?

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about x-force'91 #40-4180

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turns out, reignfire is an independent entity, and he now wants to steal everything bobby ever owned and/or loved. skids gets teleported hell knows where along with locus while trying to help contain the fucker, and this is her former teammates' reaction:

what the fuck is wrong with you, people? she offered you to stay at her place, she got dragged into this mess because of you, and the only one who actually gives a shit is jimmy, who never even knew her before all this?
why did x-force turn into a bunch of assholes all of a sudden? is this mind control? is this bad writing? and by the way, next ish they're taking a break in hawaii while skids is probably getting murdered, manipulated (again) or violated in some other unpleasant way.

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about domino'97

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what complete bullshit, and i looked forward to reading it so much, too. such disappointment.

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about x-force'91 #78

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rusty and skids had it the roughest out of all new mutants, certainly. poor kids.

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about x-force'91 #76

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now that's a team-up i'd love to see.

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about x-force'91 #69

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i just want to beat that gryaznova bitch's teeth in for harming dom.

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about the new mutants #1

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sam doesn't seem to be all that thrilled about what's going on :D he must be asking himself, 'what am i even doing here?'
and what about his family? last time we heard about them, they were at the brink of starvation.

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about superman/batman 2003 annual #1

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i didn't have the chance to sink my teeth into any dc comics yet, but i just couldn't miss this one for obvious reasons:

clark and bruce happen to go on the same cruise to the bermuda triangle, where, due to a technical mistake, they are assigned to the same room. haha, the looks on their faces :D

at the same time, slade's out for bruce's blood, and guess who guest stars in this issue to protect wayne? yep, the one and only merc with the mouth. more under the cut.

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24.07.2016 в 18:21
Пишет quirischa:

Владимир Гуриев
2 ч ·

слушайте, а ведь офигенный фильм-катастрофу можно снять по мотивам всех этих ливней.

фильм начинается сразу, без титров.

в главной роли, конечно, константин хабенский. он работает учителем труда, зарабатывает копейки, да и те тратит на покупку сломанных табуреток для обеспечения учебного процесса. жена от него ушла к мэрскому чиновнику средней руки и живет теперь в трехкомнатной роскоши на алексеевской вместе с детьми, которых хабенский очень любит.

девочка совсем маленькая и тоже папу любит, потому что кто еще может сделать детскую куклу из двух гвоздей и шарика для настольного тенниса. а мальчик постарше, у него возраст говняхи, ведет он себя соответственно.

к тому же, новый папа купил плэйстейшен и джип, на таком фоне любой задумается о приоритетах. в общем, мальчик внутренне хороший, но слегка запутался и временно отторгает табуретки и самодельные игрушки в пользу коррупционной составляющей.

и вот в воскресенье хабенский идет встречаться с детьми, а в это время в московской ливневке забивается последний проток, сток, что у них там. по пути хабенский думает купить сигарет, но у него осталось сто рублей, и он в последний момент такой — нет, лучше дочке еще пару гвоздей куплю.

тем более, что ларек с сигаретами давно, вообще говоря, снесли.

читать дальше


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about marvel's daredevil and jessica jones

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man, these were so intense, i couldn't pry myself from the screen.
i hope they'll keep up the good work in the next seasons and in the upcoming luke cage that's gonna be on air on september 30th. that'll be another thing to wait for along with deadpool 2.

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about x-terminators #2

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looking hot!

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about x-terminators #1

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the kids are finally sent to separate boarding schools to catch up on their educations. i don't even know, i need these pictures to be here.

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about x-factor'86 #32

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artie has a spider-man shirt :D and ric's moping all alone at the computer. someone must be wrong on the internet. you show 'em, julio!

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about x-factor'86 #31

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my mutant power is COCKBLOCKING

tab's sure crushing hard on bobby. aw, these little miscreants grow up so fast.

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