about cable'93 #42

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i need more silly, fun issues like this one. cable and storm have been tipped off by thornn about morlock terrorists' intention to plant a bomb during lila cheney's concert. the art is playful, and the story itself is rather light hearted, with the exception of storm's claustrophobic episode. and the faces nate makes! i could kiss the artist, really. more under the cut.

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about x-factor'86 #29

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poor hank. can i ship this, please?

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about x-factor'86 #27

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i'm a sucker for christmas stories, so this one had me smiling like an idiot.

yeah, i'm still reading stuff backwards.

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about x-force'91 #62

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stop. just stop.

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about x-force'91 #61

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everyone is suddenly kawaii. more under the cut.

all in all, another useless issue. the whole intrigue about 'benjamin russell' and his connection to shatterstar just went to shit, we never learned anything. and what was the point of killing off 'star just to revive him some five pages later? that's so cheap. stop doing this to a character i'm warming up to, marvel.

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hank mccoy? more like, hunk mccoy

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such a beautiful man.

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about x-factor'86 #20

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x-factor had a run-in with apocalypse's goons in the central park, and as a consequence the whole park got frozen. the kids took it upon themselves to fix the unfortunate situation.
i'm worried about whether hank's gonna be okay after getting to know pestilence a lot closer than anyone should, but all in all, what a nice issue.

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about x-factor'86 #12

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i love this little shit so much X)

okay, this needs a little backstory. tab's working for some sleazebag called the vanisher, but he cuts about 95 % of everything she steals for himself. she finally got fed up with this and threatened to call x-factor on his evil mutant ass, but when hank and bobby arrived to investigate her phone call, she changed her mind and decided to help vanisher escape because 'aw, he's not so bad after all!'
then she puts a firecracker down bobby's shirt for no other reason than he's 'hunky' and she likes him. hilarious pursuit ensues!

there's so much morbid stuff going on in this issue. jean's sister disappears, warren is badly beaten and his wings are crushed, scott's slowly going mad, and then there's tabitha, blowing up public phones for dough and harassing cute boys, haha.

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about secret wars II #5

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exclamation points! at the end of every sentence! good job, sсript guy!
yeah, i'm going backwards to trace boom boom's story. i didn't know she was thirteen when she ran away from home, man, that's rough. poor kid. and then she got right into the middle of beyonder's mess.
some people just don't get a break.

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about cable'93 #33

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and that would be the second time nate saves someone only for them to try to kill him later. no good deed goes unpunished.

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about x-force'91 #56 again

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okay, so maybe terry's not a jerk, she's just really, really clueless.

you've said it, girl.

THEY KISSED, THEREFORE IT'S CANON! okay, not really, but a girl can dream. sigh.

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about x-force'91 #56

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i dunno, the way terry's been treating him, she's either really clueless or just cruel. can you really be such a jerk to people you love?
as for shatty & rictor, now them i never would've pegged as a romantic pair. i mean, really, shatterstar? in love with someone? is he even capable of such emotion?

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about x-force'91 #51

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tab, you little shit, you don't lie about things like this.
as much as i like her, i'd kick her out of the team as soon as the truth was revealed, if not for accidentally releasing creed, then for lying about it.
however, nate still sides with her in front of bishop, even though he can see the evidence and can come with the same conclusion as the x-man. it's the principle of the thing.

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about x-force'91 #49-50

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okay, that was kind of silly. baddies tried turning x-force against cable by mind-controlling them; cable pulled the 'i've got my own comic book now, go fuck yourself' card, and reversed it all back. the whole episode was overdramatic and more or less useless if you ask me.
i'd rather see how'd tabitha conversation with her asshole i-beat-you-up-but-i-don't-hate-you dad go. or how'd jimmy and terry's 'not a date' go, or even see more of shatterstar's moping in julio's absence for that matter.
terry proves that she is more than capable of being a huge jerk.
the only good thing about issue 50 is nate's fine ass. let's all admire it for a moment.

wtf is wrong with shatty's face tho? 29th most sexy comic book guy my ass.

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about cable '93 #30-31 and x-man #14

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blaquesmith is so pushy. he doesn't seem so see cable as a person, only as a tool (haha, wording) in destiny's hands. and he treats nate grey as if he was a rabid dog and not a human being, too.
oh, and turns out, he was ready to stab nate in the back any minute should he go awry. what a fanatic.

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about x-force'91 #48

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i like it that tabitha's wearing pink bunny slippers over her uniform's boots (x). this girl makes no sense.
but she does have a point.

creed's actually going through changes after x-men & avengers: axis, i think. i'm not really familiar with the character, but doesn't everybody deserve a second chance, even people like feral and sabretooth?

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about cable'93 #28

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throughout almost the whole issue there's a sixty seconds countdown, well, counting down, i guess. these must be some alternative marvel universe seconds, because there's too much stuff happening during some measly sixty seconds for them to be our regular earth ones.
the countdown should be at least ten minutes to fit all that, but that wouldn't be as DRAMATIC, now would it.
genosha is such a fucked up place.

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about x-force'91 #40-41

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these two issues are another example of great writing and marvelous art this book provides.
the story is about mutant sisters lucia and maria callasantos, otherwise known as thornn (don't hold this against her, it was the nineties, okay?) and feral, their childhood friend, and now a cop, jose hidalgo, and the deaths of these sisters' whole family, which x-force helps investigate.
tabitha keeps valuable assets close!
nate believes that they have a certain responsibility in this case, seeing how feral used to be their teammate. to this day, i have no idea why he even let her join the team in the first place and didn't kick her furry ass out when she practically gutted sam during a training exercise, maybe just because their numbers were so small back then and every murderous little traitor counted.
anyway, turns out nate has a license to practice law in n. y. state. wow, how convenient. i bet if you get stuck in an elevator with this guy, he'll reveal that he can operate it using his techno-organics or something.

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about x-force'91 #39

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this became one of my favorite issues ever the moment i finished reading it. it's about professor, graymalkin ship's ai, nate's best friend and also maybe father figure, getting a physical body, which, unfortunately, disrupts tech in x-force's hideout as well as nathan's techno-organic mesh.
really, i liked prosh (that's what he asked the team to call him now) the second i laid my eyes on him. he has such a charming mischievous smile, and he's so loving and friendly and huggable i just can't

and let's not forget about his usual cheeky attitude! whatcha lookin at, guys? never saw adorable androids with an attitude before?

he's had a few days worth of goofing around with the kids, being 'both teacher and a pupil' to them. naturally, he had to leave x-force and nathan, because we just can't have good things. it it okay to cry now, because that's what nate does in the next panel?

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I noticed... it got really big in fanart first? Like people slapping them together because 'oh they're hot'. But just. Peter's such an irritating character and half of the fics and art characterize him as some precious feminized version of himself to whom Deadpool can play the Big Bad Rapey Manly Man, and it just... bugs me so much. Not to mention the vast amount of dub!con, stalking, and underage the fandom is into - all of which I can appreciate under the right circumstances, but which make me seriously uncomfortable when they cast one of the characters I most identify with in the Marvel universe as a jailbait-chaser. x

this. this is exactly what irks me about spideypool fandom, even though i like the pairing itself and oftentimes enjoy it. and don't even get me started on russian fandom, where wade is reduced to a selectively deaf creep who doesn't take no for an answer and is perversely obsessed with peter's butt for some reason, while peter can't just kick him in the nuts and go back to his webslinging business, even though he's supposed to be superhumanly strong.
man, what's the point of writing fanfiction if the characters neither sound nor act like themselves? write your own story if you can't get them right, dammit.

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