about spidey #370

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it's great to see that peter and felicia are becoming friends and partners again. they're both over each other, and all the old grudges are finally forgiven.

what's most notable about this ish, however, is a bonus little story about may parker written by j. m. dematteis. in it, may visits ben's grave to get some uneasy thoughts off her chest, and we get to learn more about her as a person as well as about her past. it's a little bit sad, a little bit funny, really sweet and very heartwarming.

damn it, marvel, what are you doing to my stupid heart?.. bonus: may, ben and baby peter under the cut.

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about spidey #367

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not feeling so superior now, eh, ya hairless ape?

Defensive tool use in a coconut-carrying octopus

The use of tools has become a benchmark for cognitive sophistication. Originally regarded as a defining feature of our species, tool-use behaviours have subsequently been revealed in other primates and a growing spectrum of mammals and birds [1]. Among invertebrates, however, the acquisition of items that are deployed later has not previously been reported. We repeatedly observed soft-sediment dwelling octopuses carrying around coconut shell halves, assembling them as a shelter only when needed. Whilst being carried, the shells offer no protection and place a requirement on the carrier to use a novel and cumbersome form of locomotion — ‘stilt-walking’.


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i looove stackexchange.com

Number of legs in terrestrial vertebrates
(In answer to a question "Why don't mammals have more than 4 limbs?")

I think (might be wrong) that you have too selectionist a view of evolution. What I mean is that you are wondering why mammals have four legs and you're looking for an explanation of the kind "because mammal have this kind of need of locomotion and for this purpose four is the most optimal number of legs". Consider the following sentence: "If there is a need, natural selection will find a way!". This sentence is wrong! Evolution is not that easy. This falsy view of evolution is sometimes referred as panselectionist.


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a nice combined post on evolution for future reference (in case i ever get too lazy to type while engaging in an argument).

Evolution: A Primer by Meg Dickson

There are a lot of different ways for humans to define the term species; the most famous one is the Biological Species Concept (BSC). This idea states that a species is a group of organisms that can breed with one another and produce viable, fertile offspring - meaning, children that live, and then can reproduce themselves. This method is mostly used in modern biology in almost every context, and is typically what is taught in schools.

This is not our only species concept. There’s also the Morphological Species Concept (MSC). This is also known as the Phenetic or Typological species concept. This designates that a group of organisms with specific, fixed morphology or phenotypes (aka overall similarity) designate a species. This was used by Linneaus to classify species back in the day, but now is mostly used only by paleontologists to classify species of extinct species by looking at fossils, since we can’t exactly see which fossils interbred with each other.

There is also the Phylogenetic Species Concept (PSC). This is, to put it bluntly, the smallest group of organisms that are evolving independently from all other groups. In short, it’s the smallest possible “clade.” More on cladistics later in this essay (because I’m telling you, this thing is going to be very, very long,) but this concept is honestly only used in phylogenetics and is not entirely helpful in any other context.


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it's been a few days but i'm still SCREAMING

gotta get on with that second chapter as soon as possible. read: i'm gonna spend another month and a half on it.

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got back to reading hpmor after a long break, the fic delivers.

"We brought in Arthur Weasley from Misuse of Muggle Artifacts - he knows more about Muggle artifacts than any wizard alive - and gave him the descriptions from the Aurors on the scene, and he cracked it. It was a Muggle artifact called a rocker, and they call it that because you'd have to be off your rocker to ride one. Just six years ago one of their rockers blew up, killed hundreds of Muggles in a flash and almost set fire to the Moon. Weasley says that rockers use a special kind of science called opposite reaction, so the plan is to develop a jinx which will prevent that science from working around Azkaban."


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gonna put it here as a back up. holy shit, this idea's been in my head since december, and that's saying something cuz i only started watching woy back in november.

Eternal Traveler Syndrome (3466 words) by xaren_jo
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Wander Over Yonder
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wander & Sylvia Zbornak
Characters: Wander (Wander Over Yonder), Sylvia Zbornak
Additional Tags: probability manipulation, Missing Scene, Gambling, Friendship, more tags to be added later
"I guess it'd be too rude even for me to keep calling you 'brat' or 'runt' if we're doing this, so what should I call you instead?"
"You can call me Wander."
"That's not your real name, is it?"

How did these two become friends, anyway? This story directly follows the flashback shown in "The Waste of Time".


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about spidey #365

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i'm too lazy to upload any pics, but what a nice issue. i don't care much for the first part about the lizard - jeez, either leave poor doc connors alone already, or think of something original for a change. next, we have jonah look back on the history of spider-man (and get almost everything about his backstory wrong, hilariously so); then mj reminisces about her younger years and a friend she lost, and then, last, but not least, we are told a short sweet story about hobie brown aka the prowler, his wife and one of his coworkers.
in short, that's some sixty+ pages that are worth reading.

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about spider-man '90 #1

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because we needed a fourth book running simultaneously with the other three. sigh. guess i'm gonna have to give it a read.

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about spidey #365

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it's like he's everywhere, darn it.

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watching shinsekai yori

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it's unbelievable just how calm and collected kiroumaru is at all times, retaining his dignity even when he's naked and shackled to a wall in a foul prison cell or covered in shit from head to toe. no wonder his people followed him into battle and sacrificed his lives for him. i mean, i'd follow this guy, and i'm not a rat.
sure, squealer's guile and military genuis command respect, too, but kiroumaru gets all the charisma points.

watched the last episode, scratch that. they're both great, i'm hoping what the two of them went through was not in vain.

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about spidey #359

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you can just tell that michelinie is back as a main writer. yes, please give me more of this stuff.

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about spidey #353

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betcha never knew auntie m is a sports fan, huh?

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about deadpool '15 #26

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agent coulson of shield babysits prestons' kids. holy shit :'D there's a reasonable explanation for it, but still.
also, emily's gone full anime.

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