about spidey #359

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you can just tell that michelinie is back as a main writer. yes, please give me more of this stuff.

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about spidey #353

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betcha never knew auntie m is a sports fan, huh?

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about deadpool '15 #26

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agent coulson of shield babysits prestons' kids. holy shit :'D there's a reasonable explanation for it, but still.
also, emily's gone full anime.

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about deadpool '15 #25

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finally got around to reading this issue. i considered just letting them pile up for a while to binge read them later, but curiosity got the better of me, as usual. well, i still have a bazillion issues of spider-man comics to satisfy all my binge-reading needs.
what a weird move, revealing the outcome of wade-shiklah conflict like that. what're they going to write about in the regular present-day issues now? or maybe this is just an alternative future, and things still can go differently for them? how confusing. plus, it saddens me to see wade like this, all shriveled and senile, memories escaping him faster than ever before, no anger left in him at all. it seems like he's finally given up, or maybe just resigned to the fact that his life's slowly coming to an end, and there's not much left to look forward to anymore.
he still retains his own brand of gross and greasy charm, though. to me, at least.

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A lot of people misuse the word "chivalry." I looked up the code of chivalry; there's only part in there about respecting women, the rest of it is medieval battle etiquette. So a week ago I didn't hold the door open for a lady and she was like, "I guess chivalry's dead." So I challenged her to physical combat. Turns out, I'm the better jouster. Chivalry is alive but that woman is dead.

Brett Druck

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about before watchmen: rorschach

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that's the most realistic and most beautiful art i've ever seen in comic books, i think. as for the contents, we'll see.

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senpai noticed me

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guess who's trying to get back into learning japanese

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Рассказать вам, что это такое — летать в космос? Расскажу. Ремарка для начала: надо разделять ощущения старта, первых двух дней полета (пока ракета-носитель летит к МКС), жизнь на станции, посадку и первые недели на Земле.

Полет начинается не с момента отрыва ракеты-носителя от стартового стола, а с пробуждения в кровати в день старта. Ощущения похожи на отъезд человека в очень длительную командировку: лежишь и прокручиваешь в голове, все ли сделал —...читать дальше (еще 16767 символов) >>

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about watchmen #4

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i hope this is not how time really works; if it is, that would be truly sad. doctor manhattan is still my go-to man in case anyone asks 'which superpower you wish you had', though.

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a nice cheat sheet on what an atom is and how it works, posted in order to (hopefully) avoid embarrassing myself again by arguing that atoms are held together by gravitational force. eugh.

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this is just one of the first pages that comes up when you google 'can you falsify multiverse hypothesis'.

"...all arguments [in support of the multiverse hypothesis] involve what logicians know as “modus ponens”: that if X implies Y and X is true, then Y must also be true. Specifically, they argue that if some scientific theory X has enough experimental support for us to take it seriously, then we must take seriously also all its predictions Y, even if these predictions are themselves untestable (involving parallel universes, for example).
As a warm-up example, let’s consider Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. It’s widely considered a scientific theory worthy of taking seriously, because it has made countless correct predictions - from the gravitational bending of light to the time dilation measured by our GPS phones. This means that we must also take seriously its prediction for what happens inside black holes, even though this is something we can never observe and report on in Scientific American. If someone doesn’t like these black hole predictions, they can’t simply opt out of them and dismiss them as unscientific: instead, they need to come up with a different mathematical theory that matches every single successful prediction that general relativity has made - yet doesn’t give the disagreeable black hole predictions. This has proven a remarkably difficult task, eluding many brilliant scientists for about a century. In other words, for a theory to be testable (and hence scientific), we don’t have to be able to test all its predictions, merely one of its predictions."


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one of the best scenes in the whole damn season so far, it's going to my top three right next to spoilers for season 6, i suppose. but then, almost any scene involving carol and/or daryl in any way is probably going to become my favorite. i love these two.

i also saw a version of this video with bennie hill theme music montaged on top of it, it seemed really appropriate.

upd.: fuck, the link to the video was broken.

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the holidays are over, and i haven't written a paragraph worth of text. why am i only productive when i'm supposed to be doing something else?


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this guitar solo makes life worth living.


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about spider-man/deadpool #12

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i was reluctant to even read this ish, since the usual crew (kelly & mcguinness) took a break from the series, apparently. however, it managed to surprise me and turned out to be great!
making jokes at the expense of a deadly foe? that's just so them. more under the cut!

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just a note to self, this is exactly where wander stands. now i have a word for it.
oh, and this is where dr. jones stands.

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i'm writing a thing

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gotta cross 'sexual favors' off the 'acceptable poker bets' list
acceptable bets: money, valuable personal items, magical hats, sexual favors. there, done. i can indulge in writing kinky shit involving wander later. maybe never.

upd: oh wow, four hundred words in one day. i'm gonna finish this in no time.

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