a monkey stole my juicebox


a monkey stole my juicebox

a monkey stole my juicebox
shit, how do i stop giggling?

Bidnisn. What you get down to or stay out of other people's, as in, "That ain't none a yore dad-burned bidnis!" (Southerners don't like "s" before "n", do you?).
City slickern. Wunna dem smaht fokes whut lives in town.
Doohickeyn. A Southern thingamabob.
Cackleberryn. Egg. Go figure.

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that's what bodyswap oughtta look like, i reckon

a monkey stole my juicebox

a monkey stole my juicebox

a monkey stole my juicebox
just one of my favorite hpmor moments, nothing to see here, folks.

Madam Malkin was a bustling old woman who didn't say a word about Harry when she saw the scar on his forehead, and she shot a sharp look at an assistant when that girl seemed about to say something. Madam Malkin got out a set of animated, writhing bits of cloth that seemed to serve as tape measures and set to work examining the medium of her art.

Next to Harry, a pale young boy with a pointed face and awesomecool blonde-white hair seemed to be going through the final stages of a similar process. One of Malkin's two assistants was examining the white-haired boy and the chequerboard-gridded robe he was wearing; occasionally she would tap a corner of the robe with her wand, and the robe would loosen or tighten.

"Hello," said the boy. "Hogwarts, too?"

Harry could predict where this conversation was about to go, and he decided in a split second of frustration that enough was enough.

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a monkey stole my juicebox
- Я обрушу невероятно странный и бессмысленный шквал зонтиков на Готэм-сити. Бессмысленный для всех кроме Бэтмена. Он несомненно найдет в этом закономерность и раскроет мой преступный замысел.
- И какой замысел? Что вы задумали?
- Ничего.
- Ничего?!
- Ничего не задумал. За меня всё придумает Бэтмен. И он не просто придумает мне преступление, он снабдит детальным планом, как мне всё провернуть.
- Пингвин, ты часом не сошел с ума?

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heh heh

a monkey stole my juicebox
Back in the old days, there was no concept of religion being a separate magisterium. The Old Testament is a stream-of-consciousness culture dump: history, law, moral parables, and yes, models of how the universe works. In not one single passage of the Old Testament will you find anyone talking about a transcendent wonder at the complexity of the universe. But you will find plenty of scientific claims, like the universe being created in six days (which is a metaphor for the Big Bang), or rabbits chewing their cud. (Which is a metaphor for...)

Back in the old days, saying the local religion "could not be proven" would have gotten you burned at the stake. One of the core beliefs of Orthodox Judaism is that God appeared at Mount Sinai and said in a thundering voice, "Yeah, it's all true." From a Bayesian perspective that's some darned unambiguous evidence of a superhumanly powerful entity. (Albeit it doesn't prove that the entity is God per se, or that the entity is benevolent - it could be alien teenagers.) The vast majority of religions in human history - excepting only those invented extremely recently - tell stories of events that would constitute completely unmistakable evidence if they'd actually happened. The orthogonality of religion and factual questions is a recent and strictly Western concept. The people who wrote the original scriptures didn't even know the difference.


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a monkey stole my juicebox
наконец добралась до "суммы биотехнологии" панчина. занимательно пишет, чертяка! хотя мне, регулярному посетителю его блога и разнообразных сообществ скептиков, ничего нового из книги узнать пока не удалось.

Существует легенда, повествующая об “эффекте 25-го кадра”. Это вымышленная и неработающая методика воздействия на подсознание людей посредством монтирования в видеоряд скрытой рекламы. Реклама вставляется с помощью дополнительных кадров, которые проскакивают так быстро, что человек не успевает их разглядеть. В январе 1958 года телекомпания Canadian Broadcasting Company провела (не очень научный) эксперимент, в ходе которого предупредила зрителей, что будет показывать скрытую рекламу. На протяжении получасового шоу 352 раза было показано сообщение “позвони сейчас”, но очень быстро, чтобы никто не разглядел. Никакого заметного увеличения количества телефонных звонков не было зафиксировано ни во время передачи, ни после нее. Никто не мог отгадать истинное послание скрытой рекламы, зато многие телезрители писали в телекомпанию письма о том, что у них возникали необъяснимые позывы взять банку пива, сходить в туалет или переключить канал.

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about web of spider-man #82 again

a monkey stole my juicebox
mary jane, the ever-caring wife, part 2 <3

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about web of spider-man #82 and the friendliest face in outer space

a monkey stole my juicebox
i do have a type, don't i?

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about deadpool '16 #23

a monkey stole my juicebox
how do i describe this one without spoilers? that was one HELL of an issue. holy crap, preston, that was brutal! and what's spoiler doing there? what'd i miss?

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a monkey stole my juicebox
this fanfic got real morbid real fast. this scene, though, when taken out of context of this particular fanfiction, just seems so much in character.

Hater caught Wander while Sylvia was distracted by the hordes of Watchdogs. "Ahah! I got you!"
Wander propped his arms up on Hater's hand and cupped his cheeks. "Now that ya got me, what're ya gonna do with me?" he asked with a moony smile.
Before Hater could explain in loud, dramatic detail, Peepers crashed into him, and Wander was yanked from his grip. Sylvia dropped Wander onto her back, and they left Hater to the wreckage of his invasion.

i have this little headcanon that hater eventually gets used to wander's usual 'let's be friends, give me a big ol' hug, best buddy, best pal' spiel and stops getting so riled up by it, so, naturally, wander has to up the ante and starts flirting with him instead: bats his eyelashes at him, makes innuendoes (each new one saucier than the last), the works, and this quote just fits my headcanon perfectly.
i mean, getting hater's goat seems to be wander's favorite pastime, and i think he'll do anything short of being really mean to get at him. plus, his ultimate goal is to wear lord hater down and eventually make him a good guy, so the end justifies the means, right?

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a monkey stole my juicebox
why isn't this canon, it totally should be canon. click on the picture to see the original post!

omfg, wander's face on the last picture, i can't

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about spectacular spidey #187 again

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vulch has also been pestering may, asking her forgiveness for accidentally killing her fiance, nathan. spoiler alert: not going to happen, feather brains.
okay, that came out a little harsh. i always had sympathy for the vulture, he's a lonely, tortured man, and he already hates himself more than anybody else on this earth could, but why can't he just leave may parker alone? why keep pecking at her wounds?

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about spectacular spidey #187

a monkey stole my juicebox
and this is why i love jjj so much.

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about spectacular spidey #185

a monkey stole my juicebox
when a fashion model scoffs at your costume, maybe it's time reconsider your fashion choices, huh, peter? bonus under the cut: mary jane, the ever-caring wife!

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about spectacular spidey #178-183

a monkey stole my juicebox
dematteis, stop being so good at writing heart wrenching stories, you evil, evil man.
i'm also finally warming up to sal buscema's unique style.

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a monkey stole my juicebox
someone needs to make a compilation of wander & sylvia calling out each others' names. this happens awfully often in this show.

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a monkey stole my juicebox
hater and sylvia sass competition! who will outsass who? my money's on sylvia, by the way. yeah, she's my favorite ten-foot tall flarf narbler, so sue me.

“You are not helpful.”
“Oh my grop. Stop the presses. I’m not helping my sworn enemy, this is breaking news.”
Sylvia inhaled, exhaled, tried to channel any semblance of patience. She turned around. “Where do you think we are?” She asked slowly.
“Uh, underground. Duh.” He said, rolling his eyes.
“Yeah, wow, careful, save the breathtaking conclusions for the science fair.”

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