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about cable'93 #19

a monkey stole my juicebox
the art in this issue is really great.

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about cable'93 #20

a monkey stole my juicebox
nate and neena needed a death threat looming over the whole galaxy to finally get together. oh, and dom's aggressive way of saying 'i care about you a lot' is the best X) just call a guy a jerk, he'll know what you mean!
whole uncut pages from the comic, bc i can
scott and jean finally told nate that redd and slym were, indeed, them. i like how nate played it cool and said that he totes knew about that and was just waiting till they were ready, even though he learned about this, like, an hour ago.
now that's a family reunion!

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about cable '93 #22

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i didn't realise how close rictor and shatterstar have gotten over all this time. ric decided he needed to visit his folks back home, and shatty looked like a kicked puppy when he boarded the plane.
i might be starting to tolerate him as a character a little bit.

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about x-force'91 #39

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this became one of my favorite issues ever the moment i finished reading it. it's about professor, graymalkin ship's ai, nate's best friend and also maybe father figure, getting a physical body, which, unfortunately, disrupts tech in x-force's hideout as well as nathan's techno-organic mesh.
really, i liked prosh (that's what he asked the team to call him now) the second i laid my eyes on him. he has such a charming mischievous smile, and he's so loving and friendly and huggable i just can't

and let's not forget about his usual cheeky attitude! whatcha lookin at, guys? never saw adorable androids with an attitude before?

he's had a few days worth of goofing around with the kids, being 'both teacher and a pupil' to them. naturally, he had to leave x-force and nathan, because we just can't have good things. it it okay to cry now, because that's what nate does in the next panel?

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about x-force'91 #40-41

a monkey stole my juicebox
these two issues are another example of great writing and marvelous art this book provides.
the story is about mutant sisters lucia and maria callasantos, otherwise known as thornn (don't hold this against her, it was the nineties, okay?) and feral, their childhood friend, and now a cop, jose hidalgo, and the deaths of these sisters' whole family, which x-force helps investigate.
tabitha keeps valuable assets close!
nate believes that they have a certain responsibility in this case, seeing how feral used to be their teammate. to this day, i have no idea why he even let her join the team in the first place and didn't kick her furry ass out when she practically gutted sam during a training exercise, maybe just because their numbers were so small back then and every murderous little traitor counted.
anyway, turns out nate has a license to practice law in n. y. state. wow, how convenient. i bet if you get stuck in an elevator with this guy, he'll reveal that he can operate it using his techno-organics or something.

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about cable'93 #28

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throughout almost the whole issue there's a sixty seconds countdown, well, counting down, i guess. these must be some alternative marvel universe seconds, because there's too much stuff happening during some measly sixty seconds for them to be our regular earth ones.
the countdown should be at least ten minutes to fit all that, but that wouldn't be as DRAMATIC, now would it.
genosha is such a fucked up place.

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about cable '93 #30-31 and x-man #14

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blaquesmith is so pushy. he doesn't seem so see cable as a person, only as a tool (haha, wording) in destiny's hands. and he treats nate grey as if he was a rabid dog and not a human being, too.
oh, and turns out, he was ready to stab nate in the back any minute should he go awry. what a fanatic.

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about x-force'91 #49-50

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okay, that was kind of silly. baddies tried turning x-force against cable by mind-controlling them; cable pulled the 'i've got my own comic book now, go fuck yourself' card, and reversed it all back. the whole episode was overdramatic and more or less useless if you ask me.
i'd rather see how'd tabitha conversation with her asshole i-beat-you-up-but-i-don't-hate-you dad go. or how'd jimmy and terry's 'not a date' go, or even see more of shatterstar's moping in julio's absence for that matter.
terry proves that she is more than capable of being a huge jerk.
the only good thing about issue 50 is nate's fine ass. let's all admire it for a moment.

wtf is wrong with shatty's face tho? 29th most sexy comic book guy my ass.

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about x-force'91 #51

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tab, you little shit, you don't lie about things like this.
as much as i like her, i'd kick her out of the team as soon as the truth was revealed, if not for accidentally releasing creed, then for lying about it.
however, nate still sides with her in front of bishop, even though he can see the evidence and can come with the same conclusion as the x-man. it's the principle of the thing.

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about cable'93 #33

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and that would be the second time nate saves someone only for them to try to kill him later. no good deed goes unpunished.

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about x-force'91 #61

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everyone is suddenly kawaii. more under the cut.

all in all, another useless issue. the whole intrigue about 'benjamin russell' and his connection to shatterstar just went to shit, we never learned anything. and what was the point of killing off 'star just to revive him some five pages later? that's so cheap. stop doing this to a character i'm warming up to, marvel.

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about cable'93 #42

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i need more silly, fun issues like this one. cable and storm have been tipped off by thornn about morlock terrorists' intention to plant a bomb during lila cheney's concert. the art is playful, and the story itself is rather light hearted, with the exception of storm's claustrophobic episode. and the faces nate makes! i could kiss the artist, really. more under the cut.

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about x-force'91 #69

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i just want to beat that gryaznova bitch's teeth in for harming dom.

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about cable'93 #55

a monkey stole my juicebox
irene merryweather made her first appearance a few issues back <3
and nate's like, 'i'm tall, dark and handsome, and also mysterious. did i mention the 'handsome' part yet? oh, and i can take down crowds of enemies all by myself, no sweat, i eat impossible odds for breakfast', and irene's like, 'i can see right through your bullshit, but you're really hot, plus i need a new job anyway, so let's go kill this apocalypse guy'.

old cable comics are so ridiculous, but i love them anyway.

okay, what was that about? her problems aren't nate's fault this time around, why snap at him?

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'It always amuses me when I’m talking about Cable and someone makes a comment about him being kinda shit and I agree with them and it totally bewilders them. Yes, Cable is absolutely my favourite superhero. He has a strong sense of goodness about him, and he works his damned hardest for what is best even in impossible situations, he’s kindhearted and definitely a goofball despite his stoic exterior. But he is absolutely shit and I know it. With his over the top outfits covered in utility pouches and massive guns that may or may not be compensating for something and the genuinely awful dialogue that comes out of his mouth (if I ever have the misfortune to actually hear the phrase “stab his eyes” uttered aloud I may just scream) and the abundance of generally shitty artwork he is by far not at all the shining pinnacle of comic books. But fuck, I love him. I love Cable and every last goddamn ounce of his tacky weirdness. I am fully aware of how awful he is and I embrace the shit and I just love him so much. He’s such an entertaining character and he’s damn hot and a shitty C-List actor is absolutely the best pick for him in Deadpool 2. Being kinda shit is one of Cable’s best traits. It makes him super relatable because I know that I too use weird ass phrases and wear ridiculous over the top outfits and am super awkward. He’s my hero' x

this ^
i can confirm. cable as a character is silly, overdramatic and over the top, but i love him anyway.

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about cable'93 #60-62

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a bunch of d-bags from s.h.i.e.l.d. collared nate, setting a good portion of hell's kitchen aflame in the process. turns out, they were mostly interested in nate's technoorganics as opposed to the supposed acts of terrorism he'd committed, and the whole extracting operation's been kept secret from the higher-ups, including nick fury himself.
nate's techno-organic virus was introduced to said d-bags' pet project, nemesis robots; the results were unexpected, to say the least.

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about cable'93 #62 again

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nate's in captivity, being experimented on and probably dying, and irene and bridge... go to jolly jonah to expose the hell kitchen fire cover-up. wow. real helpful, guys. ironically, nate's been already set free by an agent who caught him in the first place.
i know this is probably the best they could do, but still. hahaha.

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about cable'93 #63

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of course, nate gave s.h.i.el.d. the slip. funny thing is, he doesn't go back to his safehouse right away, instead he pays a visit to stacey, a waitress he befriended, in all his bathing suit clad glory. oh boy, does he look good in that hideous thing. cable's the kind of guy who'd still look hot even if you put him in a sparkly pink dress and a bonnet. more about nate and stacey under the cut.

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about cable'93 #66

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in this issue we can observe nathan summers in his element, namely, being a BADASS ACTION HERO. this just cracks me up.

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about x-force'91 #67

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poor cal :c

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