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all will fear my nipple lasers

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this guy is just one big joke.

and also from now on i'm posting my thoughts on whatever i am reading in no particular order.

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yea, deadpool again

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'suicide kings' is one of my favourite deadpool comics for a number of reasons. this post is dedicated to listing some of these reasons, obviously.
i can't decide whether wade imagining his wedding with every attractive female he happens to meet is cute or pathetic. it's a mixture of both.

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may i also add that 'suicuide kings' is one of my favourite representations of deadpool as a character: he actually has a good sense of humor and uses it as a shield, has moral standarts despite being a gun for hire and is insane, and not in a 'lolz i'm so random, CHIMICHANGA!' way. in conclusion, 10/10, must read.

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i'm crying

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05.08.2015 в 12:31
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Spiderman vs Antman.

Я не знаю, почему я так ржу. И когда перестану.

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about amazing spider-man #129

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so the punisher is a shitty vigilante, he's obviously not used to doing any investigation at all and/or has an attention span of a kitten.
after their first encounter peter picks up punisher's gun that has a maker's plate on it, goes to investigate (yes, investigation, a word frank castle is not familiar with), finds the maker dead and is confronted by the punisher again about it. spidey proves to him that he didn't murder that poor mechanic dude, and frank fucks right off. hey, how about norman osborn? you know, the guy whose murder you were gonna punish spidey for in the first place? nope, never heard of him.
which brings me back to the reason why frank was after spidey. the police never found any solid proof of him being guilty, he's a suspect, not the proven culprit. so i guess frank just picked up an issue of 'daily bugle' and was like 'huh, this here newspaper says this spider-man character killed norman osborn. gotta go kill him now'.
i'm wondering how many innocent people he killed like that.

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about spidey #138

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i'm so glad peter and flash finally became friends. peter really needs one right now, with gwen not being there for him anymore, harry becoming a murderous asshole and mj having conflicted feelings about his person.
sadly, i think gwen's death played a big role in this development. flash would have to be a complete jackass to just keep picking on peter after her passing, considering how hard she tried to help them reconcile.

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aaaand spidey #149-150 wins the 'most ridiculously bogus science i've come across in a year' award, along with the 'most sappy conclusion to an identity crisis' one.
haha, seriously? 'i'm the real spider-man and not a clone, because I have feelings for mj'? wtf.

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so i'm minding my own business, reading spidey #155, when suddenly a guy by the nickname of weasel appears! and his real name is none other than jack!
he lacks weas' trademark round glasses, wild hair and stubble and is a professional informer, not an arms & tech dealer, but still.
i bet wade's around there somewhere, too, haha.

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about spidey #155 again

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so a criminal database gained consciousness, huh. who's next? my dictionary app? or my illegal copy of ms excel?
oh, and it also shoots lasers for some reason.

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about spidey #161

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aw, kurt is such a sweet fella. be gentle with him, peter.

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about spidey #171 and nova #12

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pete hit it off with rich pretty well. it only took them two punches to become best buddies. it really shows how much peter's matured since high school, just remember all the hassle he was giving the human torch back then instead of trying to talk it out and team up with him like a reasonable human being.
yeah, and speaking of talking it out, i'm immensely glad that peter and mj finally did exactly that a few issues back. although i still don't know how are they gonna work in the long run, even a self-confessed free spirit like ms. watson is bound to get fed up some day after getting dumped by her boyfriend for the bazillionth time for god knows what. he will have to tell her the truth sooner or later.

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about spidey #175

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a terrorist group 'people liberation front' kidnaps j. j. j. for writing scathing editorials about them. jj tries negotiating first, but then he learns that the terrorists want to make an example of him and kill him anyway.

really, the more i read about this man, the more confusing my feelings about him get. how can you be so lame and so great at the same time?
he's also suddenly unsure whether he was right about spidey, фnd that's after all the shit he gave him over the years. well, that's new. usually he keeps calling peter names even while getting rescued heroically by the guy.

he's probably gonna be back to hating spidey's guts by the end of the issue though.

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about spidey #176

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quod erat demonstrandum. 'j' is for 'jackass'.

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about spectacular spidey #2

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i just love this entire page. the look on glory's face! it's like she's being thrown into a lion's den, which is actually mostly true.

i remember my surprise when i was reading amazing spider-man and glory was there as jonah's secretary all of a sudden. now i know i should've been reading spectacular spidey along with his 'amazing' book, but what can you do? i've just started catching up with it yesterday when i learned that peter's teaching career is covered mostly in spectacular spider-man. pete as a teacher? this i gotta see!

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about spectacular spidey #3

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turns out, it's common practice for pete's friends to come by his apartment while he's out or sleeping and play the part of an alarm clock, or just hang around drinking his tea and listening to his vinyls. how did he manage to not get outed as spider-man, i do not know.

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about spectacular spidey #3 again

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fucking jerks.

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spidey's catchphrase should be 'face it, parker'.

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about spectacular spidey #19

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holly and hector would like you to know that they, too, can do banter.

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about spectacular spidey #27

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poor peter had been blinded by the maggia leader last ish, but it only started sinking in that he might be blind and helpless for the rest of his life in this issue. good thing daredevil happened to be there and help him through his breakdown. yeah, daredevil of all people, what a coincidence, huh?
i cannot imagine how terrified spidey must feel right now. i'd give him a hug if i could.
oh, and also mj and betty are being surprisingly mature and decide that they would rather not fight over a guy and be friends instead. i just wish real, unimagined people could do that.

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about spectacular spidey #29

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i'm starting to think that this carrion fella is that creep who cloned gwen stacy about fifty issues back, whatever his name was. if he is, i'm gonna buy myself a chocolate bar.

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about spectacular spidey #38

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