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about deadpool 1997 #21

a monkey stole my juicebox
yeah, i'm reading it for the second time. i managed to forget that unique combination of cheeky humor and sheer tragedy it has.
back to the issue at hand, right now i really want to kick dixon in the balls. that fucker. and poor monty! he just had such an epiphany, meaning came back to his life, let's ruin it for him, why won't we?
i can't find the words. i really felt for the little fella, both now and the last time i read this book.

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a monkey stole my juicebox
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a monkey stole my juicebox
i'm the little chatterbox today, aren't i. just can't shut up.
so i've been reading this post, and i must say that i have my own hopes and expectations about how cable's character is gonna be introduced in the next deadpool movie.
i'm gonna cry like a little girl if they make him the villain, but given how much respect and love the crew have demonstrated they have for the comic book source, i hope they are going to give their complicated relationship justice, show us how their animosity turns into friendship over time. which sounds like a difficult thing to do when you gotta fit all that in a single movie, yeah.
maybe deadpool will be hired to kill cable and will get his butt kicked instead, and then they will be forced to cooperate somehow? which is basically plots of several comic books crammed together. if they also throw in some sexual tension on wade's part, i'll just melt into a happy puddle right there in a theater.

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and this one, too

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someone please stop me

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i was reminded of this hilarious moment in uncanny x-force #2

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where do i sign to receive a lap dance?

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a monkey stole my juicebox

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stupid diary won't let me have this as a userpic, so i'll just post it here. 3:

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so i'm minding my own business, reading spidey #155, when suddenly a guy by the nickname of weasel appears! and his real name is none other than jack!
he lacks weas' trademark round glasses, wild hair and stubble and is a professional informer, not an arms & tech dealer, but still.
i bet wade's around there somewhere, too, haha.

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yea, deadpool again

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'suicide kings' is one of my favourite deadpool comics for a number of reasons. this post is dedicated to listing some of these reasons, obviously.
i can't decide whether wade imagining his wedding with every attractive female he happens to meet is cute or pathetic. it's a mixture of both.

continue reading?

may i also add that 'suicuide kings' is one of my favourite representations of deadpool as a character: he actually has a good sense of humor and uses it as a shield, has moral standarts despite being a gun for hire and is insane, and not in a 'lolz i'm so random, CHIMICHANGA!' way. in conclusion, 10/10, must read.

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i'll just throw in a random panel from 'suicide kings' before i'm finished with the big post.

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just me confessing my undying love to wade wilson, nothing to see here, folks

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newsflash: i watched the movie, became a fan overnight and proceeded to become acquainted with (almost) every deadpool-related comic book to date. i dare you to hate me, i double dare you, mothafucka.
i also rediscovered my all-time favourite marvel character - spider-man, i'm lazily flipping through his oldest issues as i speak. type. whatever. 60s comic books are hilarious.
back to the issue at hand, volumes' 3 & 4 versions of deadpool's disfigurement are my favourite. the guy looks like a living corpse, and yet his facial expressions make him so alive and likeable. i consider this a major improvement compared to the living tumor he was during the original kelly's run, or the thing's double, though i can't remember who i should be thanking for that. still looks really painful though, poor fella.

some more pictures of wade's ruined face. you have been warned.

heh. i suppose that's it for today. if anyone's reading this and wishes to discuss deadpool related things, feel free to do so.

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a monkey stole my juicebox

he hasn't said 'bub' once in the 'uncanny x-force' comic, smells like ooc to me.

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