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about cable & deadpool #4

a monkey stole my juicebox

right in the kokoro.

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about cable & deadpool #1

a monkey stole my juicebox
okay, so re-reading cable & deadpool for the third time is the most logical course of action after having finished reading soldier x, right? hah, like i really need a reason to do that, this book's my favorite.
where do i even start? i love pretty much everything about it. gotta resist the urge to just post it here page by page, gotta... resist...

well shit.

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about soldier x

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i didn't expect a book that only lasted for 12 issues to captivate me so, but it did. there were a few things that weirded me out a little, like nate's tk working as a healing factor, but then, i suppose that's cable's actual power level now that the virus is no longer in his system. he turned a man anto an ugly bird-like creature once, why shouldn't he be able to rearrange his own molecules in order to mend a wound?
issues 1-8 are written by darko macan, continuing his work on the character from the previous book, and issues 9-12 are written by karl bollers. this book is telling us a story about nathan struggling to find a meaning to his life now that apocalypse's been defeated and also getting used to his powers which are now uninhibited by having to keep the virus from spreading. nate's basically reached god tier, heheh, and he's sometimes scared of himself.

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about cable'93 #97-100 and #101-102

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the first story arc is about nate trying to prevent a communist terrorist organization from taking over peru, and i'm of two minds about this. ish 97 is the first attempt at taking a different direction when it comes to cable as a character and his methods. instead of fighting ridiculous superpowered villains in tights in order to save the world, he's now trying to achieve that same goal by righting the wrongs locally, 'travelling to political hot spots and war zones', and, for me, that's a much more interesting read. on the other hand, tischman's storytelling is rather bumpy, and it can get confusing at times. plus, i can't help but empathize with these terrorists, which is making me uncomfortable.

the second arc is nate intervening in a local conflict between albanians and the government forces in macedonia, where both sides are secretly developing weapons against each other right under nato's peace making force's nose.
i was about to say that this kind of biological weapon is scientifically impossible, but then i remembered that i'm reading a comic book about a dude with a metal arm and a glowing eye, and let's not forget about his telepathy and telekinesis. well shit.

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about cable'93 #89-93

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i gotta say, this 'dark sisterhood' story arc is probably the best one in the whole book, weinberg knows how to do his job. i'm intrigued and i can't wait to learn about this so called dark mother's identity and why's she so afraid of cable. he didn't even know about the sisterhood until they attacked him, this makes little sense, right?
plus, sisterhood had targeted blaquesmith and irene as well, the former's gone missing, and the latter had to fake her death and assume a new identity to survive. poor soul.

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about cable'93 #88

a monkey stole my juicebox
this plan needs a few buckets of ice-cream to work. kurt's comment on nate's personality as a bonus under the cut.

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about cable'93 #80

a monkey stole my juicebox
so how old is nate, exactly?
questionable fashion choices aside, that's how he looked in the new mutants #80 when he first appeared:

and this is from x -force'91 # 25 and #29:

and these are from cable'93 #42 and #80:

this is so confusing.

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about cable'93 #75

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nate calls en sabah nur's bullshit.

the strong will inherit the earth, and the weak shall be crushed underfoot, blah blah. i don't understand this human emotion called 'love', blah blah. i'm a sociopath and my mommy didn't hug me as a child, blah blah. what nur really needs is a psychiatrist and a chalk & talk session in evolutionary biology and social animals' behaviour.
and if he really wanted baby nate dead, he should've snapped his neck instead of infecting him, but nooo, he had to be fancy about it.

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about cable'93 #74

a monkey stole my juicebox

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about cable'93 #73

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nate catches up with the kids. tab and sam giving him a hug seems like a tradition by now, awww. i gotta say tho, liefeld is shit at drawing facial expressions.

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about cable'93 #71

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i shoulda seen this coming a mile away.

wow, he'd kissed the girl last ish, and she's through with him the next. and this man used to be married.

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about x-force'91 #67

a monkey stole my juicebox
poor cal :c

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about cable'93 #66

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in this issue we can observe nathan summers in his element, namely, being a BADASS ACTION HERO. this just cracks me up.

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about cable'93 #63

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of course, nate gave s.h.i.el.d. the slip. funny thing is, he doesn't go back to his safehouse right away, instead he pays a visit to stacey, a waitress he befriended, in all his bathing suit clad glory. oh boy, does he look good in that hideous thing. cable's the kind of guy who'd still look hot even if you put him in a sparkly pink dress and a bonnet. more about nate and stacey under the cut.

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about cable'93 #62 again

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nate's in captivity, being experimented on and probably dying, and irene and bridge... go to jolly jonah to expose the hell kitchen fire cover-up. wow. real helpful, guys. ironically, nate's been already set free by an agent who caught him in the first place.
i know this is probably the best they could do, but still. hahaha.

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about cable'93 #60-62

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a bunch of d-bags from s.h.i.e.l.d. collared nate, setting a good portion of hell's kitchen aflame in the process. turns out, they were mostly interested in nate's technoorganics as opposed to the supposed acts of terrorism he'd committed, and the whole extracting operation's been kept secret from the higher-ups, including nick fury himself.
nate's techno-organic virus was introduced to said d-bags' pet project, nemesis robots; the results were unexpected, to say the least.

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'It always amuses me when I’m talking about Cable and someone makes a comment about him being kinda shit and I agree with them and it totally bewilders them. Yes, Cable is absolutely my favourite superhero. He has a strong sense of goodness about him, and he works his damned hardest for what is best even in impossible situations, he’s kindhearted and definitely a goofball despite his stoic exterior. But he is absolutely shit and I know it. With his over the top outfits covered in utility pouches and massive guns that may or may not be compensating for something and the genuinely awful dialogue that comes out of his mouth (if I ever have the misfortune to actually hear the phrase “stab his eyes” uttered aloud I may just scream) and the abundance of generally shitty artwork he is by far not at all the shining pinnacle of comic books. But fuck, I love him. I love Cable and every last goddamn ounce of his tacky weirdness. I am fully aware of how awful he is and I embrace the shit and I just love him so much. He’s such an entertaining character and he’s damn hot and a shitty C-List actor is absolutely the best pick for him in Deadpool 2. Being kinda shit is one of Cable’s best traits. It makes him super relatable because I know that I too use weird ass phrases and wear ridiculous over the top outfits and am super awkward. He’s my hero' x

this ^
i can confirm. cable as a character is silly, overdramatic and over the top, but i love him anyway.

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about cable'93 #55

a monkey stole my juicebox
irene merryweather made her first appearance a few issues back <3
and nate's like, 'i'm tall, dark and handsome, and also mysterious. did i mention the 'handsome' part yet? oh, and i can take down crowds of enemies all by myself, no sweat, i eat impossible odds for breakfast', and irene's like, 'i can see right through your bullshit, but you're really hot, plus i need a new job anyway, so let's go kill this apocalypse guy'.

old cable comics are so ridiculous, but i love them anyway.

okay, what was that about? her problems aren't nate's fault this time around, why snap at him?

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about x-force'91 #69

a monkey stole my juicebox
i just want to beat that gryaznova bitch's teeth in for harming dom.

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