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about secret wars II #1-2

a monkey stole my juicebox
this one's way better than the first secret wars. beyonder comes to earth in person, assumes human form and wreaks havoc; not out of ill will, but because he 'desires to understand', and understand he does not.
in the second ish, he stalks peter parker, asking him 'why is clothing' and 'why is eating'. it says all too much about pete that his first reaction to the beyonder materialising in his apartment is to clock him one. poor fella even draws a logical conclusion that it's a human way of greeting someone, and later on punches luke cage in the face to show his friendly intentions. more under the cut.

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a monkey stole my juicebox
marvel's luke cage is going to be released next friday. i'm gonna get myself a pizza and watch as many episodes as i can in one go.

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