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about amazing spider-man #129

a monkey stole my juicebox
so the punisher is a shitty vigilante, he's obviously not used to doing any investigation at all and/or has an attention span of a kitten.
after their first encounter peter picks up punisher's gun that has a maker's plate on it, goes to investigate (yes, investigation, a word frank castle is not familiar with), finds the maker dead and is confronted by the punisher again about it. spidey proves to him that he didn't murder that poor mechanic dude, and frank fucks right off. hey, how about norman osborn? you know, the guy whose murder you were gonna punish spidey for in the first place? nope, never heard of him.
which brings me back to the reason why frank was after spidey. the police never found any solid proof of him being guilty, he's a suspect, not the proven culprit. so i guess frank just picked up an issue of 'daily bugle' and was like 'huh, this here newspaper says this spider-man character killed norman osborn. gotta go kill him now'.
i'm wondering how many innocent people he killed like that.

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i'm crying

a monkey stole my juicebox
05.08.2015 в 12:31
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Spiderman vs Antman.

Я не знаю, почему я так ржу. И когда перестану.

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yea, deadpool again

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'suicide kings' is one of my favourite deadpool comics for a number of reasons. this post is dedicated to listing some of these reasons, obviously.
i can't decide whether wade imagining his wedding with every attractive female he happens to meet is cute or pathetic. it's a mixture of both.

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may i also add that 'suicuide kings' is one of my favourite representations of deadpool as a character: he actually has a good sense of humor and uses it as a shield, has moral standarts despite being a gun for hire and is insane, and not in a 'lolz i'm so random, CHIMICHANGA!' way. in conclusion, 10/10, must read.

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all will fear my nipple lasers

a monkey stole my juicebox

this guy is just one big joke.

and also from now on i'm posting my thoughts on whatever i am reading in no particular order.

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