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about cable & deadpool #30-35

a monkey stole my juicebox
i read this fic, and i might've just as well stabbed myself, really. fuck.

'“I thought you knew that I was in on it,” Wade said, his voice cracking slightly. His eyes were glistening and he quickly turned away, looking back out over New York, the thousands of windows and cars and streetlights making the city glitter brightly beneath the darkened, starless sky.
“I mean, c'mon,” he continued bitterly as he moved his gaze down to the cars and people far below, “the video feed that caught me on camera before I blew up the reactor on Providence—I stuck my tongue out at the camera and showed my New York State I.D. card so that everyone would know it was me and that I was working for the United States government—do you honestly think I would have done that otherwise?!”'

i love how unusually open and honest wade is in #35, and i understand how hurt he must feel after what his best friend (or so he thought) did to him. congratulations on another relationship you managed to fuck up, nate.

a long rant and a lot of panels from comic book under the cut, so spoiler alert.

what i really want is for nate to feel guilty and ashamed for what he did. he never even formally apologized for this stunt, unless you count what happened in #42 as their reconciliation, of course.

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about cable & deadpool #29

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nate, you sly dog.

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about cable & deadpool #28

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about cable & deadpool #8

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now that's harsh. i think the amount of fucked-up shit nate did about equals to the amount of good things he did in his lifetime.

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about x-force'91 #82

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introducing cuddly domino! and i still don't get why'd they 'gone their separate ways' with cable.

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about cable'93 #55

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irene merryweather made her first appearance a few issues back <3
and nate's like, 'i'm tall, dark and handsome, and also mysterious. did i mention the 'handsome' part yet? oh, and i can take down crowds of enemies all by myself, no sweat, i eat impossible odds for breakfast', and irene's like, 'i can see right through your bullshit, but you're really hot, plus i need a new job anyway, so let's go kill this apocalypse guy'.

old cable comics are so ridiculous, but i love them anyway.

okay, what was that about? her problems aren't nate's fault this time around, why snap at him?

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about domino'97

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what complete bullshit, and i looked forward to reading it so much, too. such disappointment.

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about x-force'91 #76

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now that's a team-up i'd love to see.

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about x-force'91 #69

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i just want to beat that gryaznova bitch's teeth in for harming dom.

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about x-force'91 #62

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stop. just stop.

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about x-force'91 #39

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this became one of my favorite issues ever the moment i finished reading it. it's about professor, graymalkin ship's ai, nate's best friend and also maybe father figure, getting a physical body, which, unfortunately, disrupts tech in x-force's hideout as well as nathan's techno-organic mesh.
really, i liked prosh (that's what he asked the team to call him now) the second i laid my eyes on him. he has such a charming mischievous smile, and he's so loving and friendly and huggable i just can't

and let's not forget about his usual cheeky attitude! whatcha lookin at, guys? never saw adorable androids with an attitude before?

he's had a few days worth of goofing around with the kids, being 'both teacher and a pupil' to them. naturally, he had to leave x-force and nathan, because we just can't have good things. it it okay to cry now, because that's what nate does in the next panel?

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about cable'93 #20

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nate and neena needed a death threat looming over the whole galaxy to finally get together. oh, and dom's aggressive way of saying 'i care about you a lot' is the best X) just call a guy a jerk, he'll know what you mean!
whole uncut pages from the comic, bc i can
scott and jean finally told nate that redd and slym were, indeed, them. i like how nate played it cool and said that he totes knew about that and was just waiting till they were ready, even though he learned about this, like, an hour ago.
now that's a family reunion!

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about cable'93 #18

a monkey stole my juicebox

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about cable'93 #15 again, i'm just enjoying this issue too much.

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whoever said a 350 lbs cyborg soldier from the future can't be adorkable was wrong!


well, i never expected this to go smoothly.

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about cable'93 #15

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now this issue i'm gonna like, i think. first of all, feral's older sister thornn showed up, maybe they'll have an epic showdown? that would be cool. feral reminds me of sabertooth, really, only she's much younger and didn't yet have the chance to fuck shit up on his scale.
second of all, nate finally pulled himself together and asked neena on a date. how are two grizzled mercs so adorable?

some pics with my comments
let's see how this'll work out!

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