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about the new mutants #1

a monkey stole my juicebox
sam doesn't seem to be all that thrilled about what's going on :D he must be asking himself, 'what am i even doing here?'
and what about his family? last time we heard about them, they were at the brink of starvation.

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about the new mutants summer special #1 (and only), 1990

a monkey stole my juicebox
that thing is HILARIOUS.
the plot is, basically, that kids encounter an alien from a neighbour dimension (thanks to warlock's grabby hands), get sucked into his surreal media polluted homeworld and try to make things right. oh, and some children back home eavesdrop on rahne complaining about the polluted river near their base and decide to get it cleaned up. to do that, they sit on their asses in the river and wait for the tv reporters to come and create a scandal around the whole thing. and it works!
now on with the images!
i was fighting the temptation to just post the whole comic page by page, and judging by the sheer length of this post, looks like i utterly failed. well, it's not like anyone's gonna be reading this, so why shouldn't i just go nuts with it?
and some pictures from this issue's pin-up gallery.

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about the new mutants #99 again

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okay, i read the second half of the comic, and we were given some sort of an explanation, but i still think it doesn't fit the person nate was shown to be during simmons' run.
two pages straight from the comic
i can understand the 'letting his charges make their own decisions' thing, but he's being outright aggressive and spiteful about it, while in the previous issues he was trying to build a trust-based, comradely relationships with the members of his team. now he just seems like a sulky child, offended at the new mutants' unwillingness to play the game by his rules.
maybe i've just been reading the character wrong this whole time, but i expected him to calmly talk to them about the situation with ric and then give berto a proper sendoff. instead he made both sam and tabitha angry and less willing to put their trust in him in the future, which is critical to their teamwork, lashed out at sam and parted ways with berto on ill terms. that's just not smart, and nate is supposed to be exactly that: smart.
i'm shaking my head at you, mr. nicieza.

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about the new mutants #99

a monkey stole my juicebox
nicieza took over the comic, and cable changed drastically as a character. he suddenly doesn't give half a shit about the team.
rictor runs off to genosha to save rahne who doesn't need saving, and nate is inclined to just let him. tabitha and sam are deeply offended by this and just might run off to save ric's stupid ass, too. roberto has just lost his father and comes by to inform nate that he will have to quit, maybe permanently. nate offers him his condolences and then literally says 'whatever' at the news.
his team, who he's been training and protecting for so long, is falling apart, and he doesn't care? he was willing to go against a whole country just to pluck four of them out of captivity, and now he just says 'whatever'? i'm expecting to see an explanation to this real soon, mr. nicieza.
everybody seems to have forgotten about saving rusty and skids, too. what's up with that? in the previous issue nate deemed them 'too difficult to liberate', although he promised his team that they will make their best effort to save them right before this whole genoshian mess started. the nate i know doesn't back out of his promises. i'm dubbing this guy 'the big jerk'. it's like he's a whole other person, really.
the only good thing about this issue is just how good nate looks in official attire. this is an improvement compared to his previously favorite 'a ridiculous pouch vest over a naked torso' look. i guess we can have either the nice guy nate or the tastefully dressed nate, they just can't be combined. not until cable & deadpool, anyway.

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about the new mutants #92

a monkey stole my juicebox
i've started reading the series from issue #87 solely for cable and i'm liking it so much i will most likely read it from the beginning, too, later.
the team accepted nate as their new leader and mentor surprisingly easy, considering how he's depicted as a 'mysterious' man, and nobody knows who he really is and where he came from. then again, i'm new to the series, maybe that's common for them?
so far nate has shown himself a great tactician and a considerate and caring person when it comes to his teammates. their one-on-one talk with rahne really warmed my heart.
and also i'm liking boom boom more and more with every issue, she's hilarious :'D

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