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okay, i read the second half of the comic, and we were given some sort of an explanation, but i still think it doesn't fit the person nate was shown to be during simmons' run.
two pages straight from the comic
i can understand the 'letting his charges make their own decisions' thing, but he's being outright aggressive and spiteful about it, while in the previous issues he was trying to build a trust-based, comradely relationships with the members of his team. now he just seems like a sulky child, offended at the new mutants' unwillingness to play the game by his rules.
maybe i've just been reading the character wrong this whole time, but i expected him to calmly talk to them about the situation with ric and then give berto a proper sendoff. instead he made both sam and tabitha angry and less willing to put their trust in him in the future, which is critical to their teamwork, lashed out at sam and parted ways with berto on ill terms. that's just not smart, and nate is supposed to be exactly that: smart.
i'm shaking my head at you, mr. nicieza.

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