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i'm the little chatterbox today, aren't i. just can't shut up.
so i've been reading this post, and i must say that i have my own hopes and expectations about how cable's character is gonna be introduced in the next deadpool movie.
i'm gonna cry like a little girl if they make him the villain, but given how much respect and love the crew have demonstrated they have for the comic book source, i hope they are going to give their complicated relationship justice, show us how their animosity turns into friendship over time. which sounds like a difficult thing to do when you gotta fit all that in a single movie, yeah.
maybe deadpool will be hired to kill cable and will get his butt kicked instead, and then they will be forced to cooperate somehow? which is basically plots of several comic books crammed together. if they also throw in some sexual tension on wade's part, i'll just melt into a happy puddle right there in a theater.

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