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a monkey stole my juicebox
wow, nate, you cocksure motherfucker.
my long recap of the plot.
the comic's storyline is nonlinear, it jumps from past moments to the future and back all the time and can be difficult to follow, just like cable's life, i suppose. writing the recap definitely helped.

these miniseries threw a new light on six pack's participation in the events of rumekistan story arc for me. same goes for the relationship nate and neena have in 'cable and deadpool'. he seeks her approval of his actions, the same way deadpool seeks his, really, but domino can't shake the feeling that nate's gonna fuck this up, just like he fucked everything else up before, but ends up on his side anyway because of some very personal feelings she has for him. and/or, maybe, she wants to give him another chance.

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