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a monkey stole my juicebox
wow, nate, you cocksure motherfucker.
okay, back to the plot. while on a job in afganistan, nate's merc team six pack (ayup, like the beer) accidentally discovers a secret base, which nate wants to investigate in lieu of their actual mission. turns out, the base belongs to stryfe, nate's old enemy from the future (heh heh), who throws some veiled in mystery threats their way and then fucks off somewhere. nate bodyslides his team away from there, too, and just avoids getting blown up.
they made their contractor, tolliver, very unhappy and have been, to quote grizzly, 'hunted like foxes' by his goons for about eight months. nate asks them to trust him and convinces them to go after stryfe, which is his first and not the last asshole move. they successfully track down stryfe's new base in uruguay, infiltrate it, install explosives and are about to get away with some intel of his stored on a disc when stryfe teleports in their middle and seizes the youngest of them, kane, threatening to kill him unless they give him the disc. nate tries bodysliding them away, but the base's shields block his teleportation wavelength.
hammer decides to give up the disc in exchange for his teammate's life, like any decent person should. nate tries to stop him, tells him that he needs that disc and that hammer has no idea what's going on (because you didn't tell them, genius!), then shoots him, but stryfe snatches it anyway and fucks off again. nate forgets all about his team and timerips after stryfe, leaving six pack in a soon-to-be-blown-up facility. by some miracle, they survive, but hammer's spine is severed, and kane loses both his arms.
six years later, nate and kane are going after stryfe again. kane got his new, shiny metal arms from weapon x project and still thinks nate's an asshole, but is willing to cooperate if nate helps bring hammer back on his feet, literally. they track stryfe's another base down again (and by the way, they're both tearing through the mexican jungle wearing some sorta boyscout shorts, it's adorable), which turns out to a trap, big surprise. nate's presented with a similar choice again: either he gives stryfe access to his ship's computer, or kane is killed. nate refuses, and all three of them get hurt badly in the following fight, so he timerips himself and kane to the future, where they can get proper medical attention, and kane can get a set of newer, shinier metal arms. nate promises to find technology that'll help hammer walk again, too.
the comic's storyline is nonlinear, it jumps from past moments to the future and back all the time and can be difficult to follow, just like cable's life, i suppose. writing the recap definitely helped.

these miniseries threw a new light on six pack's participation in the events of rumekistan story arc for me. same goes for the relationship nate and neena have in 'cable and deadpool'. he seeks her approval of his actions, the same way deadpool seeks his, really, but domino can't shake the feeling that nate's gonna fuck this up, just like he fucked everything else up before, but ends up on his side anyway because of some very personal feelings she has for him. and/or, maybe, she wants to give him another chance.

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