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i read this fic, and i might've just as well stabbed myself, really. fuck.

'“I thought you knew that I was in on it,” Wade said, his voice cracking slightly. His eyes were glistening and he quickly turned away, looking back out over New York, the thousands of windows and cars and streetlights making the city glitter brightly beneath the darkened, starless sky.
“I mean, c'mon,” he continued bitterly as he moved his gaze down to the cars and people far below, “the video feed that caught me on camera before I blew up the reactor on Providence—I stuck my tongue out at the camera and showed my New York State I.D. card so that everyone would know it was me and that I was working for the United States government—do you honestly think I would have done that otherwise?!”'

i love how unusually open and honest wade is in #35, and i understand how hurt he must feel after what his best friend (or so he thought) did to him. congratulations on another relationship you managed to fuck up, nate.

not that nate's the only one to blame for their bizarre friendship going to hell, of course, but it started and ended with fucked-up 'lessons' nate tried to teach wade. really, it all started when wade took a different side in the civil war, and nate publicly humiliated him to prove his point. what the heck, man? you don't do that to friends, even if you think they're misguided.

oh, by the way, this shadow in the lower left corner? that's wade eavesdropping, heheh.

after that, wade joined six pack in a secret mission to sabotage both providence and rumekistan in order to make cable look bad in the eyes of the world, and, of course, to get back at him for the public humiliation thing. let's just say, it didn't quite go as planned, and their private little war only escalated further after that.

as for this little dialogue in rumeki sewers, either nate is stupidly arrogant, or he's playing his own game here. both are equally plausible.

nathan summers, you beautiful, smug son of a clone.

...i'd have to be able to predict the future!

smooth. i don't even know what else to say. this is all so messed up.

he said he's 'not mad', but he tried to get back at wade for participating nonetheless by linking his mind to the infonet and 'giving his memories pixelated substance', effectively messing with his mind and bringing all of wade's guilt and self-hatred to the surface. that last one's a new record for treating friends and allies like shit, man. okay, they're not technically friends anymore at this point, they had a 'divorce', but they still obviously care about each other, so.

wade keeps his sense of humor, even when his very own tv is haunted.

that billboard :'D

on one hand, i'm glad that this ship finally sailed (took you fucking long enough, guys), on the other - nate, you bastard, how can you just chill while wade's going even crazier because of what you did?

this is him tearing at himself, by the way. all the things he sees and hears are coming from his own subconscious.

i'm gonna quote this at someone one day.

and then he flipped his shit.

of course, nate had to come out of the shadows then.

can't stop posting this whole issue here, nope.

boy, the look on wade's face.

did i say, open and honest? and also raw, like a fresh wound. call me a sadist, but i love this side of wade that only shows when he's hurt and scared.

what i really want is for nate to feel guilty and ashamed for what he did. he never even formally apologized for this stunt, unless you count what happened in #42 as their reconciliation, of course.

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