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this issue is hysterical, i really had to fight the urge to just post it here page by page, it was stronger than ever!
it features the daydreams of the main characters. felicia, the lighthead that she is, dreams of dispensing her own dubious shade of justice alongside spidey by 'recovering' important papers from a foreign embassy and handing them to a government agent.
it was really disturbing for me, as i first thought that some imposter is taking advantage of felicia's broken moral compass, absolute admiration for spidey and drugged state of mind to commit a crime. however, as soon as it was shown that this whole time she's been sitting on her butt on the hospital's floor, lost in her daydream, i giggled until my sides started hurting. plus, i couldn't help reading that 'but of course' line in spy's voice, which only added to my glee.
the next daydreamer would be no other than j. jonah jameson. surprise, surprise, his dream is clocking spider-man in the face, with said character then proceeding to admit that he's a crook and a menace. jonah's also imagining himself to look like a movie star for some reason (i like him just fine the way he is, honestly).
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mary jane made her comeback recently; her dream is, of course, to be a widely known and beloved actress. is this how she perceives peter? really?..
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spidey's daydream is triggered by seeing jjj uncharacteristically jog in the park. pete imagines a swarm of baddies to attack his favorite employer (which is actually not so far from reality); he then, of course, saves jonah's ungrateful butt for the hundredth time and is presented with the pulitzer prize for the pix he snapped of jonah apologizing and kissing the tip of spider-man's boot, when suddenly...
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