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a monkey stole my juicebox
finally got around to reading this issue. i considered just letting them pile up for a while to binge read them later, but curiosity got the better of me, as usual. well, i still have a bazillion issues of spider-man comics to satisfy all my binge-reading needs.
what a weird move, revealing the outcome of wade-shiklah conflict like that. what're they going to write about in the regular present-day issues now? or maybe this is just an alternative future, and things still can go differently for them? how confusing. plus, it saddens me to see wade like this, all shriveled and senile, memories escaping him faster than ever before, no anger left in him at all. it seems like he's finally given up, or maybe just resigned to the fact that his life's slowly coming to an end, and there's not much left to look forward to anymore.
he still retains his own brand of gross and greasy charm, though. to me, at least.

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