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[Survey] Whats your favorite companion? (Lore and/or playstyle wise)

i have three favorites, actually: cass, veronica and raul (in no particular order). can't just pick one, all three have a special place in my heart.
cass won me over with her brutal honesty and her reasonable perspective on the situation in the mojave. she may be a patriot of the ncr, but she readily admits their flaws and shortcomings. she is wary of the legion, but again admits that people in her line of work are way better protected in legion's territory than that of the ncr. (unless they are of female persuasion, that is.) she doesn't shy away from discussing more personal topics, either. gotta respect her for all this.
cass is just fun to be around. doesn't hurt that she's so easy on the eyes, too! she also makes interesting comments on some of the locations you visit together, which adds to the experience.
i love veronica for being as friendly and cheerful as she is in direct contrast to the desolate wasteland she lives in. she's very insightful, too, and i can't help but agree with her perspective on the brotherhood. i admire her for going to such lengths to help people she cares about, even if they don't appreciate her efforts. i don't agree with bos' goals and practices, but there are genuinely good people among them (including veronica herself), and it's sad watching them slowly waste away like this.
love her cheeky sense of humor, too! did i also mention her being cute as a button? and lastly, it's fun watching her one-punch shit into oblivion. you better not mess with the kid in a potato sack!
where do i even start with raul. i initially fell for his snark; the moment he started giving me shit for taking my sweet time rescuing him upon first meeting him, as opposed to just, you know, saying thank you, i knew i want to take this guy along with me. oh, the sass of that man! calling you 'boss' while being as disrespectful and skeptical as possible? gets me every time. some of his comments had me wheezing with laughter, although sometimes it feels like he overdoes it just a bit. god forbid the courier figures out that raul tags along because he actually likes them, right? we can't have that sort of emotional attachment, oh no.
and then there's his personal quest, wherein you slowly gain his trust and friendship, and he in turn opens up to you about some of his old pain and insecurities. damn, this grandpa needs a hug and maybe a box of candy.
as for playstyle, i play on normal with a high charisma, so all three of them do well in battle.

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2017-12-02 в 14:12 

au revoir shoshanna
did you get your veronica some fancy dress? :P

2017-12-04 в 16:36 

couch dweller
a monkey stole my juicebox
multiple dresses, in fact. she wouldn't put them on though... :'3

2017-12-04 в 18:18 

au revoir shoshanna
she be like 'damn look at them giving me all those clothes and never asking to take mine off'


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